Cincinnati Sigma Chi

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All brothers are welcome to attend our events and are encouraged to become Full Members by paying dues. We are entirely self-funded, getting no funding from Sigma Chi. We rely entirely on the generosity of the brothers who support us, remembering the oath they took at initiation, that membership in Sigma Chi is a lifelong obligation.

Dues are $40 for the calendar year, January through December. The Cincinnati Alumni Chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity is currently collecting Membership Dues for the 2023 calendar year. Your annual contributions are essential in maintaining our email blasts, monthly luncheons, website, national dues and Alumni Chapter activities/events/functions - many of which are solely funded by this annual collection.

Please join or renew today with your Alumni Chapter to participate in the lifelong Sigma Chi experience.

In addition, to purchase advertising space on our email blasts sent multiple times a month, please include your advertisement information and the fee of $50 for the 2023 calendar year.

Please use the green link below to pay for your 2023 Dues and/or Sponsorship.